We were extremely lucky to have presenters from all walks of the footwear related industries generously sharing their wealth of knowledge. The topics were not only informative but also provided conversation starters for lively discourses in between the presentations and after hours. 

Opening remarks by Guild President, Marcell Mrsan, video greeting by Guild Vice-President, William Shanor

“The Soul of a Shoe” by Jim McFarland, representative of JR Rendenbach

"Foot Function and Shoe Practicality” by Rosemarie Resendez DPM

“Why French Calf?” by Greg Carmack, representative of AXMX

”Emerging technologies and automated processes in the craft of shoemaking”  by Annie Mohaupt, founder of Mohop Shoes

“US Footwear Marketplace: Prospects, Pitfalls & Policy” by Gary Raines, representative of FDRA

“Machine Smarts” by Dan Naegle, representative of Campbell-Randall Machines

“Commercial Footwear” by David Ruperto, footwear industry product developer, mass production engineer

“A Cowboy Boot Story” by Paul Krause, Master Bootmaker

“American Alligator:  Protection Through Collection” by Christy Plott, representative of AMTAN

Presentation by Eric Weiss, representative of Adidas

“Construction of a one piece boot” by Bo Riddle, Master Bootmaker

Q&A with Expert Panel

Open studio at Savannah Cordwainers (map attached)

“Boots, Customers & Designs: Lessons I’ve Learned” by Lisa Sorrell

“Foot and Ankle Anatomy and Function” by Rosemarie Resendez

“Chain Reaction - How Visiting Footwear Factories in    China Led to a Performative Project to Educate the Public” by Michelle Quick

Pattern making demo by Marcell Mrsan